Furniture Floor Planner

A set of full-size, flexible vinyl pieces to help plan a living space.

Size And Space Furniture Floor Planner

*US and Canadian patents pending

 Size & Space takes you from questions to answers.

Whether you're renovating, decorating, staging, selling or leasing a home, 

once the buyer can picture themselves living in the home . . . it's sold! 

Size & Space is a hands-on, interactive tool that allows clients to test drive the placement of their furniture in an empty space. They can even walk around it. They know it will fit. They can actually visualize sitting in the living room watching TV. They can visualize waking up with the morning light slanting through the window. They can picture holiday meals around the table in the dining room.


Size & Space will put an end to Realtors, leasing agents, stagers or home designers needing:

  • sketchpads
  • tape measures
  • online or AutoCAD applications

For moving companies, Size & Space will put an end to moving that sofa three times to find the right fit. Send the clients ahead with the kit and a clipboard, and walk into a house with a plan

In a perfect world, everyone could  walk into a room and immediately see the potential. In the real world, that's not the case. Let's face it . . . some of us have no spatial recognition, even when we see a computer simulation.

Size & Space gives a hands-on experience to home buyers, renters, renovation clients, or even DIY remodelers. It's fast, fun, and functional.


Size & Space* will help your client see that this is the right size and space for them.

Sometimes . . . it helps to experience a room

"I like it, but will my furniture fit?"