Furniture Floor Planner

Sunset in Sur, Oman

Where we live now 

For the past six years, we've been teaching around the world. Right now, we live in Oman. The shots on "The System" page were done looking out at the beach with some fellow teachers as our models.

Without actually marketing the product here, we've actually ended up making some sales from word of mouth. 

Size & Space will be rolled out around the world in the next five years, once we make the new templates to fit the specifications of different regions.

Mark & Joanne (Joey)

We are family

Over the years, we've bought and sold quite a few homes to suit the needs of our changing family.

As you can see, our children have grown and having children of their own. That meant they have been searching for homes.

While trying to find a home for our daughter, her husband, and their newborn son, we looked at about a dozen homes. This is what we found:

  • We felt like intruders in occupied homes so stayed a very short time.
  • We took more notice of the furnishings in occupied or staged homes than the rooms.
  • We stayed longer in vacant homes because it felt okay to look in every nook and cranny.
  • We wondered how much furniture would fit in vacant homes because it's hard to judge scale.

So, we invented Size & Space. The flexible, light-weight vinyl is easy to move. It's tactile and gets clients involved with the space. It's like test-driving the room!