Furniture Floor Planner

Care Instructions


Always roll and return to the carrying case

  • Don't roll too tightly
  • Occasionally roll in the opposite direction
  • Don't fold or crease the product


Loose Threads: Snip carefully with scissors. (Don't tug on them!)

Dirt:  Lay flat and gently wipe or wash with a damp cloth. A mild detergent can be used.

Wrinkles or creases: A hot, wet towel moved over the crease will diminish it. Or, you can try a hand garment steamer from approximately 30 cm away.

Curled ends or edges: Roll in the opposite direction for 5 minutes

Frozen/Heated (from leaving in car in frigid or hot climate): bring to room temperature, roll out flat for 5 minutes

As often as possible, store Size & Space at room temperature.